Thermo King wins Xinjiang BRT Project Again

Thermo King won the Xinjiang Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project once again with its superior product, the ASR160 HVAC, on July 17, 2012. Besides the millions in sales revenue it brings to Thermo King and Ingersoll Rand, this project also reinforces Thermo King’s leading position in the transport temperature control industry.

Starting from the spring of 2011, the Urumqi municipal government made a whopping RMB1.44 billion investment to alleviate traffic congestion and improve public transportation. They opened Lines 1, 2 and 3 one by one. Thermo King won all units of the 3 lines, with the excellent performance and environmentally friendly bus HVAC product, ASR160. In 2012, Urumqi expanded its BRT system on existing lines and added a new line, the 5. Once again they choose Thermo King’s ASR160 HVAC after the great experience with Thermo King’s products and service. 

Thermo King’s premium product performance, reliability, and superior service, in addition to the continuous efforts by Thermo King employees and dealers, contributed to this success.

Thermo King will continue to concentrate on R&D, application and marketing of high quality temperature control solutions in the future to bring more value to our society!


Thermo King ASR 160 HVAC applied in Xinjiang BRT city bus